Styled by SLim


Image Consulting

The start of the journey to owning your style. A service of trust, and willingness to get the look you that best flatters. The tag represents a brand , but your style represents you.

Personal Styling

The road between personality and SLim’s personal touch on your wardrobe. Changing perspectives from look to life .The clothes are the easiest part , but the confidence you accessorize with makes the style.

Fusing, the old, new, borrowed,and something “You” in a melodic space. Sparing the client time ,money,and room. Decluttering work, Ready to wear,and formal gear.

Wardrobe/Closet Renovations

Event Styling

Making special moments and memories through stylish statements. The differentiation between just walking in a room and owning a room. Your look will be the highlight no one can forget.

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